Open Studio

Open Studio VOne CoverThe Bannerwing Write Club Open Studio is an opportunity to spotlight our members’ writing and allow them to share their work. Each member was tasked with writing a piece prompted by a photo and the word love. From memoir to fiction, they each put their own spin on the prompt, resulting in a collection of writing celebrating love and the various forms it takes. From dark to joyous, painful to tender, the following stories span the emotional rollercoaster.

The Bannerwing Write Club is a group of men and women who spend their days or nights (or both) creating stories, writing their memoirs, or weaving poetry. This is a space for them to meet, to give and receive support, and to discuss their current works in progress.

We welcome authors published and unpublished, no matter genre or level of experience. Whether you’re a fledgling writer who is still uncomfortable with the title of author, or a veteran wordsmith, the Bannerwing Write Club has something for you. For more information and to join, head over to the Write Club landing page.

Click here to read or download your free PDF of our first volume.