Write Club

The Bannerwing Write Club is a group of men and women who spend their days or nights (or both) creating stories, writing their memoirs, or weaving poetry. This is a space for them to meet, to give and receive support, and to discuss their current works in progress.

Who is invited?

We welcome authors published and unpublished, no matter genre or level of experience.

Why join?

Whether you’re a fledgling writer who is still uncomfortable with the title of author, or a veteran wordsmith, the Bannerwing Write Club has something for you.

Writing Partners

Find writing partners from among the dedicated writers in the club. We all know writing is not a solitary profession. We need fresh eyes and perspectives. Writing partners will keep your work’s best interests in mind, even at the expense of your ego.

24/7 Chatline

It’s the middle of the night and you desperately need someone to read the essay you’re trying to publish. What do you do? With Bannerwing Write Club, there will be an open chat for anyone to join, no matter the time or time zone. Bannerwing’s editors and beta readers will even stop by to say hi and give a hand.


As a member of the Bannerwing Write Club, you will receive discounts on many of the services offered at Bannerwing Books, including writing courses, editorial development services, and professional beta reading sessions.


All Bannerwing Write Club members will get exclusive pre-sale information on upcoming Bannerwing titles and early notice of contests and writing opportunities.

Member showcase

Write Club sponsors Open Studio, a free download format e-zine featuring our members’ work.

The Bannerwing Write Club features a low cost membership of only $5 per month or $50 for a whole year, payable via PayPal. The Bannerwing Write Club is hosted on Facebook, so you do need a profile to join.

To join, just enter an email so we can find you on Facebook, and click the Pay Now button below. You’ll get your community invitation and you’re in! From there on out, we’ll invoice you monthly or annually via Paypal depending on your choice. Simple!

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All memberships are nonrefundable and may be canceled at any time. We promise to never abuse your personal information or spam you.