Submissions are closed to unsolicited manuscripts at this time.
In the meantime, our general guidelines are below:

Pitch & Synopsis

Here is your moment to sell your manuscript. In the Cover Letter field of the submission form (not to be confused with the cover page of your manuscript), please provide a single sentence pitch or hook. Think of it as your book’s promotional tag line.

Please also include a brief synopsis, 250-300 words, describing the basic premise of your book.

Cover Page (included in your manuscript document):

    • Name
    • Mailing and email addresses
    • Title
    • Genre/word count
    • Pen name (if applicable)

Formatting guidelines:

    • .doc format
    • Double spaced
    • Times/Times New Roman
    • 12 point
    • Right-justified header with page numbers in the following style: Author Last Name / TITLE / PAGE NUMBER


Disclaimer Disclaimer
By submitting your manuscript to Bannerwing Books, you verify that this is an original work not in the public domain and that you hold the necessary publishing rights. Bannerwing Books will contact you to verify reciept of your manuscript within 48 hours, and will contact you regarding our decision within six weeks of submission.