Precipice, Volume Three, and Our Contest Winners!

Write on Edge is the community that forged the partnership at the heart of this venture, and the writers there will always hold a special place in Bannerwing’s heart. This year, to mark the third volume of Write on Edge’s literary anthology, Precipice, we co-hosted a writing contest, based on the F. Scott Fitzgerald quote, “It takes two to make an accident.”

The community was asked to vote for one entry to be included in Precipice, and the editors have chosen one as well. These writers brought their best to the table, and we thank them for their sharing their work with us. We’re looking forward to reading your submissions to this year’s anthology!

Now, on to the celebrating!

The Winners of the “It Takes Two” Writing Contest, whose entries will be included in Precipice, Volume 3.

Congratulations to Ashley Kagaoan: her entry, “Words We Never Say“, is our community winner!

The Editor’s Choice spot goes to Valerie Boersma, The Word Pirate, for her piece “Fool For Love.”


And now, the details on Precipice, Volume 3!

This year, the theme is Boundaries. Submissions will open on April 1 and run through May 31st. We expect, as with the last two volumes, to publish in October. For details on submission formatting, check out the Our Literary Anthology tab on Write on Edge.

Happy Writing!

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