From the Earth to the Moon

A Thornton Vermont Story

Book Cover: From the Earth to the Moon
Part of the Thornton Vermont series:

Thornton, Vermont, 1953:

After six years in the Navy, the last three spent engaged in the Korean War, George Cartwright is coming home. No longer craving adventure, George wants nothing more than to start building a quiet life. When a beautiful, unexpected stranger meets his train, George understands why it's called love at first sight. Ginny Fletcher is everything George never knew he wanted in a woman, but his love forces him to question the meaning of brotherhood, family, and the weight of promises.

Reviews:Angela Amman on Amazon wrote:

Garriepy does a wonderful job of transporting her readers back to 1953, when family expectations weighed heavily on family dinners and the promises between young men and women were made with heartfelt conversations and small touches. Her characters are captivating, and the story she builds around two brothers and the woman who may come between them is developed with perfect pacing.

From the Earth to the Moon is a work of short romantic fiction.