Holidays at Buchons’

Four Stories of Love, Hope & Food

Four stories of love, hope & food.

Join the misfits around Buchons’ holiday table in four enchanting stories of second chances and new beginnings.

Mark and Brie’s marriage was easier to dissolve than their restaurant; working so closely after their divorce leaves them wondering if a sweet future might outweigh bitter memories.

Sami and Carlos find themselves navigating the line between friendship and passion, but their hearts aren’t the only ones on the line.

Holly and Drew each cross the country to escape loss, only to find the promise of a fresh start together.

Pete and Jessa definitely don’t like one another, or so they keep saying, but navigating the pandemic in the Buchons’ orbit might just prove them wrong.

Santiago has his work cut out for him as he helps bring together a collection of strays to create a family.

Elemental Awakening

An Elemental Novel

Book Cover: Elemental Awakening
Part of the Elementals series:
  • Elemental Awakening

One touch will break an ancient curse...

Helen Browning's hands safeguard mothers and guide babies into the world. From the ashes of a painful childhood loss, she's built a career nurturing new families.

One touch will awaken the passion of a lifetime...

A lifelong obsession with an ancient statue--the stone figure of a man, imploring, anguished, and beautiful--draws Helen far from home to see it in person. Compelled by irresistible need, she reaches out, over the velvet ropes, to lay hands on the stone.

One touch will change the fate of the world...

Helen's single rebellious act throws her into the center of a violent clash between warring factions of an ancient and powerful race. By her side, the one man who can tip the balance of power in favor of Light.

One touch will jeopardize the future...

She’s awoken the one man who sets her soul on fire, but can she bear the cost of their forever?

Publisher: Bannerwing Books
Reviews:RomanceBkLvr on Amazon wrote:

A wonderfully drawn world, full of imagination, which just happens to involve true love strong enough to span millennia? What else do you need?

"In this fun, sexy adventure, Mandy Dawson introduces an unforgettable world of magic, myth, and passion."

- Cameron D. Garriepy, author of Damselfly Inn: A Thornton Vermont Novel.