Family Practice

Title: Family Practice
Series: Thornton Vermont by Cameron D. Garriepy #3
Published by: Bannerwing Books
Release Date: November 30, 2019
Genre: ,
Pages: 330
ISBN13: 978-1709465697
ASIN: B0827427JM
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Coming home can be complicated

Anneliese Thompson dreams of weddings, though her own marriage was a nightmare. Five years ago, broke and on her own, she rebuilt her life under her parents' roof in Thornton, Vermont. Now Anneliese is a sought-after event planner, and she's finally making a home of her own.

Jack Pease took Anneliese's friendship for granted before breaking her heart and leaving Thornton for fast-paced career in the city. In the wake of a family crisis, Jack puts his charmed life on hold to help his parents—now he's a tourist in his own hometown, unsure of where he stands with his childhood friend. He can't resist trying to close the distance between them, but Anneliese has learned the hard way not to trust her emotions.

Without the barrier of distance, she finds herself unable--or unwilling--to ignore the attraction between them. When Anneliese's past and Jack's future collide, they'll have to choose: take the leap together or abandon the fragile magic they've found in Thornton.

The third novel in the Thornton, Vermont trilogy, Family Practice returns one last time to the town—and characters—readers fell in love with in Damselfly Inn and Sweet Pease. The series is best enjoyed in order, and for those who can't get enough of Thornton, the short story collection Sugaring Season explores more love stories from this beloved Vermont village.

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I LOVED Jack and Anneliese's story!! It was wonderful and fit them perfectly. I read a lot and I have certain books that I read over and over. I have read the first two in the series multiple times. I am so excited to add this new one as one of my favorite go to books." ~ C.E. Barnes

"I love the realistic picture Garriepy paints of small town life and modern love. The comfort of home can be suffocating for Anneliese, with her mother questioning her decisions, but it's also the place she wants to raise her daughter. Surrounded by friends and family, Anna still can't completely let down her guard, and that feels authentic as she works tirelessly to find her footing after a confidence-crushing marriage. Her connection with Jack is electric, which makes it harder to know what the right move is when it comes to her life -- and her daughter's." ~ Angela Amman, author of Garden Boulevard and Nothing Goes Away

"Garriepy has a knack for creating a world so detailed and complete that I half expect to be able to vacation at Damselfly Inn, help myself to a scone at Sweet Pease, and perhaps run into Anneliese while she walks Chloe to school. [...] This third novel not only offers a love story that made me grin and tear up and then grin again, but it revisits characters from previous books and short stories, bringing them together one last time." ~ Mandy Dawson, author of Elemental Awakening