Bannerwing’s Guide to the Care and Feeding of Your Favorite Small Press Author


Buy the book. For yourself, of course. Or not. Not your genre? Buy it for someone who’ll enjoy it. For a friend. For your mom. Your neighbor. A stranger. Books make great gifts, and Amazon even has a Kindle book gift option if dead trees and ink aren’t your pleasure. Neat, huh?
Review the book. It can be daunting, but it’s so very helpful. Reviews and ratings are a kind of currency for authors. Reviews open doors for promotion and marketing opportunities. Reviews tell other readers what they can expect from your favorite small press author. A review doesn’t have to be complicated: just be honest about your experience with the book. Not feeling eloquent? Star ratings are awesome, too.
Talk up the book. Tell people. Your book club, the cashier at the grocery store, the local librarians, booksellers. Word of mouth from readers and shoppers goes a long way towards getting your small press author into brick and mortar establishments.
Promote the book. Do you blog? Are you on Facebook? Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram? Share book links, images, and reviews. Tag your small press author so they can interact with readers. Your influence matters, and your small press author will be eternally grateful.


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