Angela Amman

Nothing Goes Away short stories, Nothing Goes Away book, short fiction, women's fictionAngela Amman has an undergraduate degree in English from Michigan State University and an M.A. in teaching from Wayne State University. Until her son was born, she attempted to convince middle school students that writing workshops were just as exciting as perfecting the art of texting through your pocket.

Angela is a freelance writer of both fiction and non-fiction. She also reviews life one book at a time on Tread Softly, her personal book review blog, where she melds together a love of reading, writing, and the lovely miscellany making up her world. As a managing editor at Write on Edge, she writes about the craft and practice of writing and works to build and nurture a supportive creative writing community.

When not reading, writing or wrangling her two preschoolers, Angela runs and wears too much lip gloss — generally not at the same time. Angela and her husband Ryan grew up in southeastern Michigan and currently live in metro Detroit with their children Abbey and Dylan.

Angela’s debut collection of short stories, Nothing Goes Away, was published in 2012, and her short stories, “In Her Hands,” “Flutters,” and “Positive Count,” appear in Metaphysical Gravity, Echoes in Darkness, and Precipice, Volume II.

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Stephanie Ayers

Steph Close upStephanie Ayers spends much of her free time living in the alternate universes created inside her imagination or from the pages of another’s. When she’s not writing, she mothers her 4 children, loves her husband, attends church, and neglects housework as often as possible.

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Stephanie’s debut romantic suspense novella, Til Death Do Us Part, was published in 2013, and her short story “Fear” appears in Precipice, Volume II.


Ericka Clay

Ericka_ClayEricka Clay is a novelist, blogger, and founding editor of Tipsy Lit, an online magazine that promotes the work of indie authors. When she’s not maniacally typing away and wading waist-deep in emails, she’s hanging out with the coolest people she knows: her husband, Matt, and lovely four-year-old daughter, Ava. She’d love to hear from you, so feel free to say “hey!” on Twitter and Facebook.

Ericka’s novel, Unkept, will be released in early 2015.


Mandy Dawson

mldMandy Dawson is the creator of In Mandyland, an almost daily blog recording her adventures in juggling a full-time job, two active children, four arguing hens, a bunny, and one ex-husband. She’s been writing since the fourth grade when she created a novel set in the fictional Western town of Calamine named for the lotion because it sounded exotic. A self-diagnosed gardening and crafting addict, she often finds herself gluing together clay pots and trying to discover the cure for brown thumb. When she’s not writing, she can be found burning dinners while she stares off into space with a story idea.

Mandy’s short stories “Home,” “Awakening,” and “Lucky” appear in Bannerwing’s Metaphysical Gravity, Echoes in Darkness, and Precipice: Volume II.


Cameron D. Garriepy

Self-described shenaniganist and unabashed romantic, Cameron writes from the metro Boston area, where she lives with her husband, son, and two poorly behaved dogs.

In the eighth grade, Cameron wrote her first romance novel on an antique typewriter, using a stack of pink paper. Detours between that draft and her publishing goals have included a BA in Music from Middlebury College, a professional culinary education, and twelve years in the child-wrangling industry.

Cameron’s adventures in flash fiction can be found on her blog, and she is proud to be a part of the editing team at Write on Edge.

Cameron is the author of Buck’s Landing: A New England Seacoast Romance, and the Thornton Vermont Series. Her short stories “Requiring of Care,” and “Valentine” appear in Bannerwing’s Metaphysical Gravity and Echoes in Darkness.


Kameko Murakami

kmurakamiKameko Murakami is an author and oddball who lives, works and breathes in a somewhat-haunted Victorian in San Francisco that she shares with a dog which appears out of thin air (but only when it wants to shower in her bathroom), a sometimes roommate who is fond of breaking and entering, and far too many dusty books to even bother with counting.

She is the author of numerous author bios, most of which ended up reading like postings on an internet dating website.

Kameko Murakami also likes walks along the beach, making breakfast in bed and loving the same kind of obscure bands that you do. She used to date a Serbian with a handlebar mustache. She doesn’t have the Serbian anymore, but she does still have his motorcycle, so there is that.

When not tirelessly working on making the world a better place through the power of naps and general laziness, she sits at her antique desk, alone with her thoughts, writing by the light of a single candle, producing stories to entertain and delight, if you’re into that kind of thing.

Kameko’s short stories “Elephants in the Atmosphere” and “Unseen” appear in Bannerwing’s Metaphysical Gravity and Echoes in Darkness.

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Kate Shrewsday

kateshrewsdayKate Shrewsday is a journalist and educationalist with a young family and a very big mouth. She reached Head Teacher at 32, peaked, and has since been trying to make sense of having kids and the endless round of cleaning, baking, ironing and suchlike generated by the family. She is not particularly good at any of these but her husband will vouch for the fact that the ironing pile is beginning to resemble Mount Vesuvius.

Kate’s short story “To Hear the Dead Proclaim” appears in Bannerwing’s Echoes in Darkness.

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Andra Watkins

alw-headshotAndra Watkins is a native of Tennessee, but is lucky to call Charleston, South Carolina, home for 23 years. She is the author of To Live Forever: An Afterlife Journey of Meriwether Lewis (coming March, 2014) as well as short stories and her blog.

An excerpt from To Live Forever: An Afterlife Journey of Meriwether Lewis appears in Bannerwing’s collection, Echoes in Darkness (Bannerwing Books 2013).


Elizabeth Yon

elizyonIn 1999, Elizabeth was named the first Perry County Poet Laureate. In 2000-2002, she was a bi-weekly book reviewer for Swank Fowler Publications, writing a column called The Reader’s Reaction. Also during that time, she instructed inmates of the Perry County Prison in creative writing and visited Perry County High Schools to give presentations on creative writing.

Elizabeth performed poetry accompanied by musician Jonathan Frazier, a form they dubbed BardicFusion, at local coffeehouses and book stores. Their work can be heard on the HouseBlend CD recorded by the Coffeehouse players. Elizabeth is currently a member of the Saturday Scribes writers’ group in Bedford, PA. Her first book, Wilderness: A Collection of Dark Tales, was published in May 2012.

Elizabeth’s short stories “Love Apples” and “Queen and Knave” appear in Bannerwing’s Echoes in Darkness and Precipice: Volume II.

Visit Elizabeth online at The Palace of Night.