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Nothing Goes Away, a collection of short fiction by Angela Amman

Til Death Do Us Part, a paranormal thriller novella by Stephanie Ayers

Unkept, a novel by Ericka Clay

Elemental Awakening: An Elemental Novel, by Mandy Dawson

Contemporary Romance by Cameron D. Garriepy

Series: New England Seacoast Romance

Book Cover: Buck's Landing
Buck's Landing

Series: Thornton Vermont

Book Cover: From the Earth to the Moon
From the Earth to the Moon
Book Cover: Damselfly Inn
Damselfly Inn
Book Cover: Sweet Pease
Sweet Pease

Blackfern Girls, four haunting tales by Liz Zimmers (formerly Elizabeth Yon)

Christmas Short Fiction

Bannerwing Collections

Precipice: The Literary Anthology of Write on Edge, Vols. 1-3